Past Events 2014

Sat 11 Jan 6pm we have an exciting programme of film.performance and food.
16mm Experimental Film Screening from Filmwerkplaats Rotterdam
Plus Video Screening: Ding Ren (our artist in residence)
Performance: The Sherman anti-trust act

Special Taiwanese food
Tang Cu (Tofu sweet n sour) San Bei (mushroom salty/spicy) Suan La Tang (vege soup) Fish soup

Filmwerkplaats Rotterdam is an artist run workspace dedicated to motion picture film as an artistic, expressive medium. It's geared towards filmmakers, artists and art school students interested in film not purely as a storage medium for their ideas, visuals and soundtrack, but as a material that actively shapes and distorts these thoughts, images and sounds.
Video screening: Ding Ren (artist in residence)
Filmwerkplaats reel # 1
Balga - Lichun Tseng (TW) 5 min silent
Ai Mi - Clara Ravat (SP) 1 min silent
Idyll - Esther Urlus (NL) 6 min optical sound
Black Cat - Marcy Saude (USA) 2 min silent
Utrecht 2,3,4 - Daan de Bakker (NL) 7 min silent
Running Time - Helene Martin (FR) 7 min optical sound

Performance: The Sherman anti-trust act

Filmwerkplaats reel #2
Wall of Sound Flowers - Francien van Everdingen (NL) 6min optical sound
NYC - Jutu van der Made (NL) 2 min silent
Interlude - Joost van Veen (NL) 3 min optical sound
Rode Molen - Esther Urlus (NL) 6 min optical sound
Color Writing Me Out - Christelle Gualdi (FR/NL) 6 min optical sound


The Guesthouse warmly invites you on Saturday 25 January at 6pm for music, art installation and food,. With Norwegian sound artist Tore Honoré Boe, Origami Replika, The Quiet Club and a final installation by current artist-in-residence, Ding Ren.

Ding Ren is an artist and writer, born in China, who is currently based between Washington, DC and Amsterdam, NL. With a field-driven approach, her practice addresses the tension between the foreign and the familiar through such topics as geography, borders, and place.

Tore Honoré Boe: Acoustic laptops The "acoustic laptops" are wood boxes with various tiny objects attached; springs, stones, metal, rubber, string, needles, memorabilia - amplified by contact mikes (piezos). They are musical instruments with which you can explore a soundworld that usually pass unnoticed and thus connect with unfiltered reality in a pleasurable way. Boe use them for microacoustic sound exploration and performances, but he also share them via exhibitions where they stand plugged for the visitors to play, or in workshops where young and old are invited to create their own. Various acoustic laptops are on permanent and temporary display at galleries, other musicians are using them, and Boe travels continuously to present them in any way and venue possible. They have become instruments, art objects and a good comment on/contrast to the digital culture. Webpage: 4 page presentation/technical rider in PDF: On facebook: --- Origami Replika: Happynoise punkformance Last year Origami Replika appeared again for the first time in 15 years. They used to be one of the most known and popular of the many-facetted Origami Republika constellations, releasing a multiude of cds, cdrs, cassettes, an LP, objects, and toured pretty extensively in Europe. Members have included Lasse Marhaug, Kai Kobi Mikalsen, Mads Staff-Jensen and others, but are now a fixed trio starring Kim Xmazz, Kjetil Hanssen and Tore H. Boe. You have never ever witnessed such a positive message in such an extremely punked up way. "We love to love U". In 2014 Origami Replika will take on some really selected shows and go in studio to record the full-length cd "Choose Life". Much more:


Sunday March 23rd at 6pm

Aoife Desmond our artist in residence presents Spontaneous Togetherness

extract from The Fifth Bardo Project.

Sculptural Installation, Live performance and Tibetan Feast


On Sat 26th at 6pm we are delighted to have Antje Vowinckel play as part of Sonic Vigil 8. she is our artist in residence in The Guesthouse until the 29th.

Antje has been selected by Gruenrekorder in Frankfurt who are specialist in field recordings

Organ and Objects

music performance for electric organ, amplified slit drum, rasp, vibrating speaker, balloon, tape, cobbler tool

The performance was developped in Olevano Romano, a little Italian village with a long tradition of landscape painting. The visual impression is still romantic and idyllic, whereas the acoustic environment has changed. I tried to keep the contemplative impression of the landscape integrating at the same time the mechanical sounds of the acoustic environment into a musical grammar.


Sunday 11th of May

"Music in Sound in Space"

Artists in Residence Aine O'Dwyer and Natalia Beylis invite you to be a part of a performance at the Guesthouse.

To Play:

Join us at 1.00 pm with instruments, sound making devices or just voice for an induction

To Listen:

Come at 2:00 pm with open ears. The performance will run from 2:15 – 2:45.


Mayfly Soup and Dandelion Wine


Sat 17 May 8pm Launch of the LFTT Library. Helen Horgan

Menu: Symbol Stew-Franciscan Oatmeal Honey Bread-Selection of Cakes

Sun 18 May 5pm Audio-Visual Performance Emergency Kit for Neurosceptics

By Artists in Residence Aga Tamiola & Sean Erickson


Sun 18 May 7pm NOW Opera (Graz, Austria) presents musical excerpts from The Beautiful Guests and Hum’s Almanac

Klaus Lang - Yulan Yu -Adam McCartney

Menu: Mystery plate


Saturday the 3rd May 2014 :
Event took place in St Anne’s Church, Shandon, Cork from 2pm-8pm.

Artists and Performers :
Natalia Beylis - Tore Boe - Andrea Bonino - Danny Mc Carthy - The Quiet Club - Massimo Davi - Áine O'Dwyer - Derek Foott - John Godfrey - Claire Guerin - IRIDE PROJECT - Anthony Kelly - Fergus Kelly - Tony Langlois - Laney Mannion - Monica Miuccio - MiXile - Irene Murphy - Olesya Zdorovetska - Han-Earl Park - Robin Parmar - Karen Power - David Stalling - Queef - Nick Roth - Softday - Mick O’Shea - Antje Vowinckel - Jeff Weeter

Each performer was given a schedule of when and how long they were to play for but were not given a schedule of who they would be playing with or how many they would be playing with or for how long everyone else was playing for. This was selected by a computer programme designed by John Godfrey which selected everything by random/chance. So each artist knew only when they themselves were playing and for how long. This led to some amazing combinations and sounds.

Thanks to everyone who played and to our amazing audience. And thanks to Eoin O'Brien and Alan Carey, the cameramen.


We are delighted to welcome the MA students of the Limerick School of Art to The Guesthouse.

Loads of events, all welcome.

MA SPACE PR statement.

The postgraduates of the Masters in Social Practice and the Creative Environment (MA SPACE) at Limerick School of Art and Design are resident at the Guesthouse, 21st -26th May.

This residency is an opportunity to continue research and experimentation relating to our current projects. We invite you to join us for a series of events and welcome your participation, questions, thoughts and observations. There are specific scheduled events open to the public but you’re also welcome to drop in at any time and say hello.

The MA SPACE programme evokes a dual nature where contemporary discourse informs practice. It offers a strong theoretical and critical grounding in the broad discipline of social practice in Art and Design. Postgraduates engage with a wide variety of sites, situations, spaces and publics.

Wednesday 21st 7-9pm: Movement/Space/Labour

Workshop and discussion with Ewa Kotula:

Ewa is interested in social choreography and labour power relations. She invites you to participate in a movement workshop that examines these topics.

Friday 23rd 6.30pm: Eat and Greet

An informal public dinner prepared and cooked by the prostgraduates.

Saturday 24th 11am – 1.30pm: Narrative Walk, Cork.

Collaboratively authored with Padraic O’Hora.

A group walking tour of Cork City will take place on Saturday the 24th leaving the Guesthouse at 11:00 am. The group will walk through cork and return to the Guesthouse to reflect on the experience and to illustrate their personal geography. Padraic O’Hora is interested in the affective qualities of walking through a place.

Not being a Corkonian he’d love the participation of people who know the city – all are welcome.

Sunday 25th 7pm till late! : Casino Voltaire with Ciaran Nash and David Payne-Mullins.

Casino Voltaire is a workshop using the game of Texas Holdem’ poker as a metaphor for neo-liberist ideals and as a tool for the creation of dialogue.

On Monday the 9th of June 2014, we had a special evening dinner in The Guesthouse in honor of American sound artist and pioneer of listening Pauline Oliveros. She was such a good sport that she joined in for the after food entertainment, and volunteered to read out one of her compositions. This is just an extract of a performance that went over an hour long, a truly a magical evening.


Haiku House

You are invited!

A multi-disciplinary collaborative group have been working on pieces inspired by haiku. They will share their work in the form of an event on Tuesday the 29th of July at 6.30 in The Guesthouse, admission free.

(We would like to remind you that this is not an exhibition and will only be open for one main event day, which will include live performances and sound and video installations.)

The haiku is a traditional form of short japanese poetry that can, amongst other definitions, be interpreted as utilizing concepts of space, juxtaposition and fragmentation.

The collaboration comprises of Danny Mc Carthy, Ger Staunton, Katie O'Looney, Aoife Cox, Helen Horgan, Irene Murphy, Brendan Duffin, Claire Guerin, Judy Kravis and Roisin Foley.

Japanese themed food and a vegetarian summer soup will be served at a cheerful price, BYOB.

See you there!,
-Claire Guerin




the opening event:

16 September 2014

6.30 pm

The Guesthouse

10 Chapel Street



exhibition will be open during Culture Night in Cork 20.09

wystawa b?dzie otwarta podczas Nocy Kulturalnej w Cork 20.09

Project grant aided by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Poland
Supported by Irish Arts Council and Cork City Council.

Zrealizowano w ramach stypendium Ministra Kultury i Dziedzictwa Narodowego w Polsce.
Dofinansowane przez Ministerstwo Sztuki w Irlandii i Rad? Miasta Cork.


The Guesthouse presents

Open Wednesday

Wednesday 5th November 2014 from 12.00pm to 4.00pm

Visitors are welcome to drop in to our weekly open day anytime from 12.00 to 4.00, have a cup of tea, meet our resident artists and browse through the LFTT library*.

Our Open Wednesday features….

Cereal Killer Café

Pumpkin and coconut soup

Spiced apple tart

Teas and coffee

This weeks artists in residence at the Guesthouse are artists from The Tellurometer project ( who are working in collaboration with the LFTT Library to create an opportunity to focus on a new methodology of working. Central to this collaboration is an experiment in how a group of artists approaches initiating new work in a borrowed space. It examines the implications of having a common starting point.

*THE LFTT (Legs Foundation for the Translation of Things) Library is a 400 year old library turned mobile art work and experimental research space. It has been travelling to different locations since 2009 and is currently resident at The Guesthouse from April 2014-2015. While at The Guesthouse programmed artists will explore new ways of working with text by translating aspects of the collection into visual and sensory ideas. Documentation of this work is then added to the library changing the shape of the archive in context. For more information and or email


You are invited to Sunday Lunch at the Guesthouse on the 2nd November 3pm

where our artist in residence Angelika Hogar will present an informal improvised

sound performance with friends.

Angelika will also be showing the kinetic and sound works she has constructed

during her stay which will be located throughout the building.

A German style Sunday lunch will be served that will include knödel + salad,

roast lamm herz, German cheese cake as well as tea and coffee.


The Guesthouse Sunday 30th at 5pm

Artists in residence Bahar Samadi and Navid Salajegheh will construct a performance around a series of found slides. These slides hold a decade of personal history for some unknown family. The original context for these photographs has been lost forever and only a great mystery remains. Using this as a point of departure, the artists are hoping to reconstruct the skeletal evidence and rewrite a new story, which would generate a dialogue between the performers, the materials and the audience. These images will be projected and transformed through a complex apparatus as a kind of ceremonial act. In an attempt of giving ‘new life’ to the old images, the artists paradoxically accentuate the fact that there is no access to the subjects of these photographs. Then perhaps by creating ghosts for these lost and unknown subjects, a story about the origin and death of images may exist in the ritual itself. The project would deal with notions of loss and death.


Kookoo: potato, egg, turmeric and herbs

Kashkebademjan: grilled or fried aubergine with garlic. Topped with fried dry mint, fried onion and kashk (Iranian cheese/yogurt sauce)

Shole zard: Persian saffron rice pudding (sweet)

rice, saffron, sugar and rose water. Topped with almond and cinnamon


The Guesthouse is delighted to welcome the renowned singer/improviser Tom Buckner. Tom is an improviser and performer of notated music, and has worked closely for many years with many of the world's most celebrated composers of Experimental Music, including Robert Ashley, Christian Wolff and Roscoe Mitchell. He also founded the radical label Mutable Music and the Interpretations concert series in New York, a renowned and unique outlet for the avant garde in the US. Currently on a European Tour, Tom has just appeared at the Huddersfield Festival of Contemporary Music, and will give a lunchtime concert of Robert Ashley's music at St. Finbarre's Cathedral on Friday 28 November.

This afternoon, you are invited to meet Tom and celebrate his amazing work in an informal gathering. There will be a short performance featuring Tom with local artists after the performance by Artists in Residence Bahar Samadi and Navid Salajegheh. Come say hi to a legend!"

Persian Menu:

Kookoo: potato, egg, turmeric and herbs

Kashkebademjan: grilled or fried aubergine with garlic. on top fried dry mint, fried onion and kashk (Iranian cheese/yogurt sauce)

Shole zard: its persian saffron rice pudding (sweet)

rice, saffron, sugar and rose water. on top almond and cinnamon


Dear friends join us this Sunday 7th Dec at 3pm to welcome Curators in Residence Eiko Honda and Catherine Harrington who will present their project on electromagnetic waves and standing stones.



Bruce Gilbert (Wire)+ BAW [Beaconsfield Artworks - Naomi Siderfin and David Crawforth]

will give a 30-45min lecture/talk on their practice and the most recent collaboration Diluvial

Menu: Iranian Stew (Veg)

Pot-Au-Feu (Not Veg)


 Eiko Honda and Catherine Harrington   Eiko Honda and Catherine Harrington 
 Tom Buckner   Tom Buckner 
 Bahar Samadi and Navid Salajegheh   Bahar Samadi and Navid Salajegheh 
 Angelika Hogar   Angelika Hogar 
 Scale Factor   Scale Factor 
 Limerick School of Art   Limerick School of Art 
 Aga Tamiola & Sean Erickson   Aga Tamiola & Sean Erickson 
 The LFTT Library 17.05.2014   The LFTT Library 17.05.2014 
 Aine O'Dwyer and Natalia Beylis   Aine O'Dwyer and Natalia Beylis 
 Sonic Vigil 8 Antje Vowinckel    Sonic Vigil 8 Antje Vowinckel  
 Aoife Desmond March 2014   Aoife Desmond March 2014 
 Ding Ren Artist Presentation   Ding Ren Presentation Jan 2014 
 Sound Art performance   Tore Honore Boe Jan 2014 
 Expermental Film Screening    Ding Ren residency Jan 2014