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haiku house 2014

A multi-disciplinary collaborative group have been working on pieces inspired by haiku. They will share their work in the form of an event on Tuesday the 29th of July at 6.30 in The Guesthouse, admission free.

(We would like to remind you that this is not an exhibition and will only be open for one main event day, which will include live performances and sound and video installations.)

The haiku is a traditional form of short japanese poetry that can, amongst other definitions, be interpreted as utilizing concepts of space, juxtaposition and fragmentation.

The collaboration comprises of Danny Mc Carthy, Ger Staunton, Katie O'Looney, Aoife Cox, Helen Horgan, Irene Murphy, Brendan Duffin, Claire Guerin, Judy Kravis and Roisin Foley.

Claire Guerin : Silent Pond from Claire Guerin on Vimeo.

Katie O'Looney : Point from Claire Guerin on Vimeo.


Reading Group | Phenomenology
Wednesday's 3:30pm - 5:30pm


Reading Group | Phenomenology
Wednesday @ 3:30pm - 5:30pm (weekly)

The Phenomenology reading group is a weekly two- hour session bringing together practitioners in visual art, music, performing art, philosophy and psychotherapy. Texts from philosophy to art theory are explored incorporating readings, screenings, peer-review, guest artists etc.

Meeting every Wednesday 3:30pm - 5:30pm

If you interested in joining please contact:

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Tuesday's 11:00 – 16:00

Clubhouse was formed in March 2010 by Irene Murphy and Claire Guerin. It is a weekly open day every Tuesday running from 11:00 – 16:00. It was initiated to give viewing time of the space and to allow guests to appear unannounced, use the internet and perhaps talk about upcoming projects.

All are welcome.

For further information contact:
Claire Guerin :
Irene Murphy :

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Cork Phonographers Union

Cork Phonographers Union is for anyone interested in phonography, field recording etc. in their various forms are welcome to attend. It is a forum to meet and discuss work, exchange ideas and information and present work. Formed in February 2010.

We “MEET” on the fourth Thursday of every month (6:00pm-8:00pm)

For information email Mick O'Shea:

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Cultural Theory and Film Nights

Facilitated by Dr. Ed Krcma (History of Art UCC) as a supplementary part of the MA in Modern and Contemporary Art programme, a number of screenings and discussion sessions were run alongside seminars devoted to critical theory and cultural practice. These focused upon documentary and experimental films relating to the intersection of visual art, cinema and philosophy; of key concern was the relationship between three realms of human experience: the political, the aesthetic and the psychic. Films would be screened in the more informal environment provided by The Guesthouse, and the group would then talk through the issues raised over a glass of wine and some food.

The sessions commenced in the Autumn of 2009 and were held on Tuesday evenings. For further information click on this link : MA in Modern and Contemporary Art

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Guerrilla Gardening
November 14 2009

10am to 4pm

In association with Art Trail

A free workshop as part of Art Trail '09 facilitated by Eve Maher , for those who wanna get their hands dirty and play with some plants! Info and games in the morning , and planting , whatever the weather in the afternoon! Come and be part of this creative process!

Booking is by contacting: or contacting:

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Final Cut Pro 6
May 2009

A Guesthouse initiative in association with the Cork Film Centre.

Workshop Tutor: Stephen O’Connell
Weekend 1: May Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th 2009
Weekend 2: May Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th
Costs: €120

This workshop will be an introduction to digital video editing practice for artist’s working with their own Final Cut Pro system. Participants should bring a project of their own or footage typical of their work and their own laptops or Imacs if possible. If that is not possible for any reason let us know and we may be able to supply you with a computer.

The course will run over two weekends, 4 days in total.

The first weekend will introduce participants to the general principals of working with the FCP interface, timeline layout, logging and capturing, tools, transitions, audio editing, adding titles and preparing footage for export.

For the second weekend Stephen will work on a one-to-one basis with participants and help them to tailor a custom workflow for use in their own projects.

Contact: Irene Murphy or Colette Lewis at:

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Photoshop CS4
April-June 2007

Photographer Damian Drohan will be facilitating a series of workshops in basic and advanced skills in Photoshop CS4. For information and booking email Colette at :

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Reading Group | Jacques Lacan Four Fundamental Concepts of Psychoanalysis
Tuesday's 15:00 - 17:00

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SoundEye / DEFAULT Workshops
Wednesday 7:30pm (weekly)

Formed in January 2010. Workshops were led by James Cummins and Rachel Warriner + others.
Sessions were free and open to all.
Every Wednesday 7:30pm @ The Guesthouse

For information email James Cummins :
or Rachael Warriner :

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Sound + Instrument Making
March 12 2009

Mick O Shea (facilitator) Crawford Art College (students)

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Technology + Art
October 1 2007

In association with Art Trail

Monoline workshop Daniel Weiss (Berlin) Berit Grinke (Berlin) presented a one day sound drawing workshop using graphite as a conductor, the resulting drawings were connected to electronic circuits to produce sound.

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The Collaborative Drawing Evening
Monday or Thursday 5pm - 9pm (weekly)

The Collaborative Drawing Evening was formed in March 2011 by guest resident Mark Hall-Patch. It was a weekly event every Monday or Thursday night from 5pm - 9pm with a come and go as you please atmosphere. Participants gathered at a communal table on their own work and then sent it to the centre where it was free to be participated into by anyone and any drawing method.
ie: collage, pen, paint etc.

For further information contact:
Mark Hall-Patch :

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Yo Yo Club

Yo Yo Club was initiated by artists Irene Murphy and Collette Nolan in 2007 to create a forum for experimentation, collaboration and exhibition for practitioners using video.

In Tandem Project

This year the YoYo Club invited practitioners who work across a variety of disciplines to explore the possibility of working collaboratively. Practitioners included filmmakers, video artists, architect, sound artist, writers, animator, performance artists, painter, and multi media artists. The aim was to create new work for this year’s Sonic Vigil event in St. Fin Barre's Cathedral, Cork, an annual sound art event curated by The Quiet Club Mick O' Shea and Danny McCarthy.

The process started in January 2008 where we began meeting every fortnight in The Guesthouse to present our work to each other. On a site visit to the cathedral on March 15th 2008, partners were randomly picked out of Treasa’s knitted hat by Juan Carlos (cathedral attendant). Meetings continued where In Tandem partners showed the progress of their conversations and the development of their work.

In Tandem collaborative participants:
Dave Grannell and Maximilian le Cain
Claire Guerin and Tim Furey
Colette Lewis and Collette Nolan
Treasa O’Brien and Dave Kavanagh
Gerard Staunton and Paul Hegarty
Irene Murphy and James Mc Cann


Sonic Vigil 3 + Yo Yo Club
St. Fin Barre's Cathedral, Cork
May 2008

L-R Irene Murphy, James Mc Cann Making Strange
Colette Lewis, Collette NolanSixty Minutes of Looking I & II
Claire Guerin, Tim Furey, drawing performance

Maximilian Le Cain, David Grannell
Digital Video

Two distinct responses to the space of Cork’s St. Fin Barre’s Cathedral drawn from footage shot jointly by the two artists. Taken in comparison, they indicate the diversity of possibilities for creative interpretations of a place as richly atmospheric and historically charged as this cathedral.

Claire Guerin, Tim Furey
Drawing performance

Claire Guerin and Tim Furey’s work takes the form of a durational performance. The collaboration is comprised of a drawing strategy developed over six weeks. The emphasis of this enterprise is in effect the fundamental dynamic of any collaboration; the process of communication. This act involves one literally informing the other by dictating what is seen through a specified field of view.

In the instance of this event the view frames a section of Sonic Vigil. Dismantled into eight component parts, they are then approached separately and the developed strategy is employed.

Colette Lewis, Collette Nolan
Sixty Minutes of Looking I & II
Digital Video, Duration 1 hour

Sixty Minutes of Looking I
After a conversation about the power relationships between the observer and the observed, we set 2 tasks to be observed by the camera for 60 minutes. In the first shoot we allow our gaze to wander outside of the camera frame and in the second shoot we fix our gaze on the camera lens. We both speak in response to our personal experience.

Sixty Minutes of Looking II
We observe each other for 60 minutes while being observed by the camera. We both speak in response to our personal experience.

Treasa O’Brien, David Kavanagh
Publication brochure

Visual ethnologist, Treasa O’Brien, and historical scientist, David Kavanagh, have been researching histories and folklore related to St. Finbarre’s Cathedral, in a collaborative process over the past number of years. They have unearthed fascinating information concerning the little known religious cult, ‘The Spinners’, a 16th Century international group with a sect in Cork. While carrying out this investigation, they stumbled across evidence that may suggest the potential nonexistence of St. Finbarr. For Sonic Vigil, they are presenting their controversial findings and trajectory of their enquiry via an interventionist style DIY publication that references the parish newsletter form of information dissemination, which will be available on the evening for inquiring minds to read.

Gerard Staunton, Paul Hegarty
10 x b and w photographs
1 x sound recording in 5 parts, 1 cd

Losing a clear sense of place, margins open up, and beyond them, always more. The margin is not a space, nor the end of a bounded space, but a threshold between different zones, an interzone. Why does anyone believe our senses can tell us anything, or indeed that objects can? What is telling? What is doing the telling? To what, to whom, and where? Maybe a certain apprehension creates a ‘space’ where viewing, where listening are not, and where openness of object and subject takes their place. Maybe. Always doubt. Doubt is the margin, the borderline space, the wrong sound in the wrong place, the scene subtly obscene, but in way that cannot be measured. Doubt is the uncanny – which is so nearly right, so nearly there, so nearly Real, but somehow doesn’t settle. Unsettling

Irene Murphy, James Mc Cann
Making Strange
Digital Video

“ I see this piece as being the product of a dialogue centered around ideas of physical language, artistic process and the frustrations of working in collaboration, points raised in conversation between two people who perhaps communicate best working in front of the camera. I do not see this piece as an end point or a consensus but as an attempt to document this interaction/conversation in visual terms. Working with irene has also for me unmasked my own processes which is starting to feel more and more like driving at speed down an unfermiliar road in the dark, or trying to force an end with no begining in sight”. - James

“ Slippery language, fuzzy thinking, awkwardness of describing a common ground, Silence, both of us realising that sitting down and talking isnt going to get us anywhere. I am fascinated at the discomfort, but also stretched to my limit. Its not easy or pleasurable but we begin to perform a language and find visual and interactive ways in which to be effective, the work is focused on creating the tools in which we can begin to converse, creating something to question, making a reactive ground”. - Irene


Sonic Vigil 2 / Yo Yo Club
Unitarian Church, Cork

Screening of video works curated by Yo Yo Club in conjunction with Sonic Vigil, an annual sound art event curated by The Quiet Club Mick O' Shea and Danny McCarthy. Video artists include: Claire Guerin, Colette Lewis, Irene Murphy, Collette Nolan and Tessa Power.

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